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Tamalpais Matrix Systems, LLC (TMS) is the world-wide exclusive distributor of the CSQScales®. TMS provides consultation and measurement systems to organizations and individuals seeking to improve the effectiveness of human service organizations.

• Enhance consumer voice and experience in the improvement of service outcomes;
• Improve quality assurance through use of the CSQScales® portfolio;
• Support the work of quality assurance officers, evaluators, and researchers;
• Increase the efficiency of professional communication; and,
• Foster the aesthetic aspects of the human service work environment.

Current Offerings include
• The CSQScales® portfolio for assessing consumer satisfaction;
• Consultation on study design, instrumentation, and data analysis;
• Video- and audio-conferencing systems to enhance professional communications; and,
• Art to enhance the quality of professional and personal work environments.

Chinese Sculpture

Sculpture at a famous university in China. (Photograph, 2005: Clifford Attkisson, PhD)


Cliff AttkissonClifford Attkisson, PhDPresident & CEO 
57 E. Delaware Place, # 3205
Chicago, IL 60611-1629
Voice: 415-310-5396
Fax: 339-440-9537, 866-770-4975 (US Toll Free)

Carolyn AttkissonCarolyn Shields Attkisson, JD
Member, Legal Counsel, and Contract Officer

Tom GreenfieldThomas Kennedy Greenfield, PhD 
SSS Author and Consultant 

Research Scientist

Arlene Eisen & Catherine Pearson Web, Graphic Design, and Art Consultants to Tamalpais Matrix Systems, LLC. Learn more at arrica.com or call us at 707-782-2262 

Live Creative

Strategic creative for purpose brands.
Live Creative Studio is a full service marketing agency offering strategy, branding, digital marketing, graphic design, and more.
Learn more at livecreativestudio.com or call us at 970-903-3241

File Sanctuary

File Sanctuary keeps Tamalpais Matrix Systems online with WordPress hosting, email hosting, domain registration, and custom consulting services. File Sanctuary can help your business with all this and more, including Office365, business broadband, and cloud backup services. We can also keep your business safe online with our VPN, managed antivirus, and vulnerability scanning services. Learn more at filesanctuary.net or call us on +44 1642 688 088

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Licensed to distribute electronic uses of the CSQ-8 and CSQ-18B in Norwegian Heidi B. Aabel and Hanne Maridal. CheckWare, AS, Bassengbakken 1, 7042 Trondheim, Norway. hanne.maridal@checkware.com Phone: +47 47 80 51 00, Fax: +47 73 53 68 1. Learn more at checkware.com

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Stretch Care AB is a Swedish company that is licensed to offers Swedish language versions of the CSQScales® for administration via its electronic survey platform “Blåappen”. Blåappen is used widely by healthcare institutions to triage, diagnose, treat and follow-up psychiatric and somatic patient health. Blåappen supports healthcare professionals by providing a collaborative and easy to use environment that removes administration and allows healthcare professionals to focus on the patient rather than internal processes. Please go to: 
https://stretchcare.se/blaappen for more information.