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Advancing Excellence in Human Services


The Client Satisfaction Questionnaire© (CSQ) is a portfolio of scales designed to assess consumer/client satisfaction with health, human service, governmental, and public benefit programs and services.

Major health and mental health care entities like the Mayo Foundation Clinics, Kaiser Permanente, Veterans Administration Hospitals, UCSF, the University of Maryland, New York University, University of Pittsburgh, and Devereux Foundation, use the CSQ Scales® to measure service quality and satisfaction within funded research activities. See examples.


The CSQScales® are increasingly used in specialty care settings, including cancer care facilities, eating disorder clinics, obstetric and gynecology and drug and alcohol clinics to measure patient experience as a key factor in clinical care outcomes. See CSQ Versions and Service Satisfaction Scales.

Parents and guardians are often asked to rate the quality and satisfaction with services provided to infants, children, and older youth. “Parent-rated” versions are available in English, Spanish, French, and Norwegian. A “child- and youth-rated” version is also available that uses cartoon “smiley” faces to allow visual cues to the response options. See examples.

The initial work on the CSQScale® began in 1975 and refinement and use has continued since. We track an average of four peer-reviewed journal publications a week that cite the CSQ and report its use in research and policy-related activities. Over one million administrations of the CSQ have occurred, plus there are thousands of CSQ citations in publications around the world. Learn More.

Our leading CSQScales® are now translated into 50+ languages spanning all populated continents. Our goal is to produce a strong culturally sound translation that preserves the basic purpose of the CSQ and allows multi-site studies to be initiated across countries and within regions and language groups. See CSQ Languages and Service Satisfaction Scales.