CSQScales® Reprint Portfolio


The CSQScales® Reprint Portfolio is a selected compilation of key reprints that document the history of the development and use of the CSQScales® in a wide array of health and human services. These papers include selected key references and papers describing the application of the CSQScales® to studies focused on quality assurance and service outcome.


The CSQScales® Reprint Portfolio is available in electronic PDF format and contains 50+ PDF reprints of publications and reports describing the development use of the CSQScales®. This handy portfolio is strongly recommended. The documents will save significant amounts of time for investigators and research support staff who are searching for reference materials essential to study planning, proposal writing, authoring evaluation reports, and manuscript development. In addition, the portfolio includes publications that focus on evaluation research design, evaluation and statistical data analysis methodology. The portfolio also includes publications specific to the development, dissemination, and use of the Service Satisfaction Scale© (SSS).