License Agreement

Tamalpais Matrix Systems, LLC

Chicago, Illinois, USA

SCOPE AND LIMIT OF PROPOSED USE of the CSQScales® — Including any and all versions of The Client Satisfaction Questionnaire© and The Service Satisfaction Scale©: Based on the terms of this purchase, the Licensor approval to administer the CSQScales® is strictly limited to the number of administrations/uses (”Uses”) purchased.

Licensor: Tamalpais Matrix Systems, LLC
Clifford Attkisson, PhD (Copyright Holder)
President & CEO
Tamalpais Matrix Systems, LLC
57 E. Delaware Place, #3205
Chicago, IL 60611-1629 USA

This non-exclusive CSQScales® License Agreement (the “Agreement” or “License Agreement”), is by and between Tamalpais Matrix Systems, LLC. (“Licensor”), licensed to distribute the Client Satisfaction Scales©, and Licensee. Licensee is the purchaser acting as an authorized representative of, and by, the purchaser’s institution or agency.

The parties agree to the following licensure requirements and limitations:

A. Licensee proposes to administer to its clients the Licensor’s CLIENT SATISFACTION QUESTIONNAIRE© (CSQ©) or The Service Satisfaction Scale© (SSS©) — the “Licensed Property” — by using the Licensed Property, within the Licensor’s provided paper format or in pre-approved format on an electronic platform. If electronic platform use is purchased, Licensee agrees: to provide signatures on Licensee’s written Agreement; to provide for approval “screen shots” of the proposed use of the Licensed Property; and, to include a required footnote in the “screen shot” acknowledging copyright holder and permission to use the CSQ© or SSS©.

B. The Licensee’s survey instrument and methodology (Licensee’s “Program”) will remain solely within Licensee’s control and management of its Program and will not be disseminated or otherwise transferred to other parties either within or external to Licensee’s own institution or agency — except as pertains to any collaborating institutions, if any, that assist in the implementation of the Licensee’ survey research and/or quality assurance protocol. The ownership of the Licensed Property, however, is and will remain, solely owned by the holder of the copyright of the CSQ© (Clifford Attkisson, PhD) or of the SSS© (Thomas Greenfield, PhD and Clifford Attkisson, PhD), as distributed by Licensor.

C. Licensee’s Use of the Licensed Property, including the survey methodology, data analysis software, and information technology (“IT”) platform, proposed for use in the Program shall: (a) be secure, (b) be constructed to protect the Licensed Property from unauthorized use, (c) protect private health information as required by law; and (d) permanently remove the Licensed Property from any IT electronic storage and access systems used by Licensee immediately at the conclusion of the Program. It is understood and acceptable that, in some circumstances, storage of the Licensed Property on Licensee’s backup tapes may continue for up to 6 months before deletion.

In addition, Licensee agrees to the following terms and conditions.

Purchasers of CSQScales® Use in a Paper Format.

  1. If administration of the CSQ© or SSS© as provided in paper by Tamalpais Matrix Systems is elected: Licensee agrees to use paper instruments exclusively as provided by Tamalpais Matrix Systems, LLC
  2. If a custom paper administration is requested: Licensee shall submit to Licensor for final approval, a PDF document displaying the Licensed Property as embedded in License’s paper and/or other embedded survey document as authorized and limited by the Agreement.

Purchasers of CSQScales® Use in an Electronic Platform.

  1. If electronic platform use of the Licensed Property is purchased: Prior to Use of the Licensed Property in the Program, Licensee shall submit to Licensor for final approval, a PDF document displaying the Licensed Property as embedded in License’s paper and/or electronic survey platforms as authorized and limited by the Agreement. The electronic version of the Licensed Property shall include a required printed copyright notice and declaration of the copyright holder as set forth in paragraph #7 below. Licensor shall send an email or letter of approval to Licensee if the format meets the requirements of the License Agreement. Such Licensor review will be timely and in concert with Licensee program timeline to the fullest extent possible.
  2. Unauthorized Use of the Licensed Property. Use, in any other languages, format, or versions of the CSQScales® beyond those specified in the Agreement is not authorized or permitted by the terms of this Agreement. Licensor can authorize use of other or new language versions upon request and purchase.
  3. Modifications of the Licensed Property. Except as may be approved in the custom survey documents appended to this Agreement, no additional changes shall be made to the wording of CSQScales® items or item responses in the Licensed Property.
  4. Monitoring Use of the Licensed Property is the Responsibility of the Licensee. Licensee agrees that its database and IT program will have the capacity to create reports summarizing frequency of Use of the Licensed Property and Licensee’s data coordinator will generate periodic reports, at least quarterly, for Licensee to monitor and control use and to plan for purchases of additional uses of the Licensed Property as permitted and limited by the License Agreement. Uses in excess of the number authorized in the Agreement shall be reported to Licensor so that such uses may be invoiced for payment.
  5. Transfer of Permission to Use the Licensed Property is Prohibited. Use of the Licensed Property in any format or language, without limitation including electronic format, cannot be offered, extended, copied or reproduced, or transferred to any third party, including program collaborators, or re-directed for any purpose, other than the authorized Program, without the prior written permission of Tamalpais Matrix Systems, LLC and the copyright holder, C. Clifford Attkisson, PhD.
  6. Marketing or Sale of the Licensed Property is Prohibited. Licensee agrees not to market or otherwise offer for sale or to transfer the Licensed Property, and/or any other version, in any language and/or format, including without limitation the custom versions or any electronic versions of the Licensed Property.
  7. Formal Notice of Copy Right and Permission to Use is Required on Electronic Platform Uses of the Licensed Property. The following copyright notice is required to be printed on each electronic “page” of any and all uses of the CSQScales® (including any and all versions of the CSQ© and the SSS©) on electronic platform versions displaying all or a portion of the Licensed Property:

    This survey uses items and item responses from the Client Satisfaction Questionnaire®), in English and/or other languages (CSQ©), by permission of the copyright holder. Copyright©2020. Clifford Attkisson, Ph.D.  Use, transfer, copying, reproduction, merger, translation, modification, or enhancement (in any version, format, and/or media including electronic), in whole or in part, is forbidden without written permission by Dr. Attkisson. Contact:

    A similar formal notice is required for users of the SSS©.

  8. Publishing the Licensed Property or Posting the Licensed Property on Electronic Media are Not Permitted without Expressed Written Permission. This Agreement permits and encourages Licensee to write or have written technical, administrative, and scientific reports about use of the Licensed Property; except that this Agreement expressly prohibits reproduction of the Licensed Property in whole or in part, (whether excerpts, verbatim, or image of the items or response options), without the prior written permission of the Licensor prior to publication. If such use is permitted by Licensor, any or all portions of the Licensed Property shall include the copyright notice as stated herein in Point 7 (presented above) in this Agreement. Otherwise, Licensor does not request, require, or seek editorial rights pertaining to publications or reports written by Licensee or its colleagues. Licensee agrees to send to Licensor a paper or electronic copy of any publicly available publications by Licensee for inclusion in Licensor’s CSQScales® Library/Archives and citation in the published The CSQScales® Bibliography© of published papers, reports, and books maintained and serially updated, without obligation, by Licensor.
  9. Licensee Signature(s) are Required for Electronic Use of the Licensed Property. Licensee’s acceptance/signature on this Agreement signifies Licensee’s written acknowledgment and acceptance of this Agreement including terms and conditions that authorize and limit the use of the Licensed Property. Similarly, Licensee acknowledges by signature that Licensee has read and agrees to the terms of this License Agreement. In addition, Licensee will notify any and all of Licensee’s staff, collaborators, advisors, contractors and any other community associates (who may be involved in conduct of its Program) of the requirements, terms, and provisions of the Agreement and to make all feasible efforts to emphasize the importance of compliance with of each of them.
  10. Notifications. Notifications in writing shall be made as set forth following the signatures of the parties when the Licensed Property is used on electronic platforms or media.
  11. Execution of the License Agreement. Full execution of the License Agreement will occur when: (a) acceptance of this Agreement is acknowledged, and (b) payment in full has been completed. This Agreement and any accepted written extensions and amendments, including exhibits and attachments, are the entire agreement.
  12. Amendments and Extensions of the License Agreement. This Agreement may be amended/extended by the parties in writing, including to extending, adding additional Uses of the Licensed Property, and/or adding other CSQScales® instruments or language versions as Licensed Property, contingent upon payment of additional Use, license, and any applicable administrative fees, (“Fees”).

By checking the box at checkout, signified as of date of purchase, you agree to the terms and conditions which authorize and limit your use of the Licensed Property.
Tamalpais Matrix Systems, LLC
And Copyright Holder of the CSQScales®